5 Coffee Resolutions to Keep in 2023

5 Coffee Resolutions to Keep in 2023


It's that time of year once more when we compile a list of things we want to change in the upcoming year. "I won't skip a workout," "I'll read through that book," and "I'll eat well." We're all definitely thinking about our New Year's resolutions, and they're all over social media.

If the January past has taught us anything, keeping resolutions is frequently more complex than we anticipate. Actually, studies indicate that more than half of them fall short. We, therefore, choose to keep our resolutions short, precise, doable, and focused on coffee.

Good things should be shared, so the saying goes. We're going to share our coffee resolutions with you now. The fact that they are less demanding than going to the gym helps. These ought to be simple to adopt, Java geek or not!

Let's begin with the most crucial coffee resolution that a coffee enthusiast can adhere to in 2023.


1. Drink better

Not simply flavor is being discussed here. Additionally, there is coffee that is better for the environment and for your health. Know where your daily cup of coffee is coming from. Scroll around the webpage and read the box's back. Who produces it? Is it natural? Is it produced sustainably and with moral practices? Does it benefit nearby communities and farmers?

Both aesthetically and nutritionally, an honest cup is a sensible purchase. Additionally, it's a huge plus to know that your coffee addiction isn't ruining the planet. After all, it's pleasant to consume coffee that promotes sound sleep.

2. Don't discard the coffee grounds

Keep the leftover coffee grounds after making a cup of coffee. There are numerous ways to reuse them. You can use them as a natural dye, an exfoliating facial, an indoor plant (we know you bought them at least once during the lockdown), an insect repellent, or an indoor plant. It's time to show off your creativity.

3. Brew black

Whether it's your coffee or your clothes, black almost never goes wrong. For those who believe that black is bitter, take another taste. Instead of instant coffee, enjoy specialty coffee. Eliminating sugar and cream also entails reducing your calorie intake. In the long run, a black cup is healthier. Fitness addicts have already matured—time for the rest to pay attention.

4. Sip Socially

We all accepted the idea that coffee is built to handle less sleep and more work sometime between the never-ending lists of things to do and the numerous all-nighters. However, coffee has always been a social beverage. Try setting aside some time this year to appreciate an excellent cup of tea. Sit down and enjoy coffee with a side of conversation rather than guzzling it in a hurried rush.

5. Turn into a barista

In case attending WFH meetings throughout the pandemic didn't already make you one! Learn how to brew coffee at home on your own. Try out various blends and brews, buy new coffee equipment, enroll in online classes, and watch tutorials. You'll undoubtedly learn more about what you really love by working at the kitchen counter and behind the bar. Purchase coffee and begin. You are your very first client.


New year. New beginning. New coffee habits.

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